The Playboy mogul says his ex-fiancée hasn't turned him off of love

By Dahvi Shira
Updated September 23, 2011 07:00 PM

The he said-she said continues.

It seemed like the war of words ended in July between Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris after the Playboy founder said his former fiancée "lied" when she told Howard Stern they only had sex once – and that it lasted “like two seconds.”

But months later, Hefner, 85, is elaborating on Harris’s comments, claiming that the couple, whose wedding she called off in June, “had sex once a week” when they were together.

“We had sex with her and a girlfriend,” Hefner tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We had sex the first night that we met with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend.”

Harris, 25, also told Stern in July that she was “not turned on by Hef,” and that she’d “never seen Hef naked.”

Despite the “disappointment of the relationship going south” with Harris – whom Hefner insists initiated the idea of marriage – the mogul isn’t giving up on love just yet.

“I’m looking for a partner,” he says. “A romantic partner.”