A routine game of "Got Your Nose" turned traumatic for one British toddler

Credit: Kalila Momple

As any parent will tell you, it doesn’t take much to make a baby cry. (And as a drunk parent will tell you, sometimes that’s part of the fun.)

Kalila Monplé learned this lesson in June, when her 2-year-old daughter Kyla was traumatized during a routine game of "Got Your Nose."

Kyla’s dad had reached out to the toddler and pretended to grab her nose. Not realizing that the nose was in fact still connected to her face, Kyla began to bawl her eyes out.

The suspicious toddler began searching the room for the errant body part and soon found her mother, who she identified as a person of interest. “Where’s my nose gone?” she pleaded. “I can’t find it anymore!”

After much pleading, Kyla’s father finally returned the nose to its rightful place in the middle of her face, and order was restored to the Monplé household.

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