Moviegoers were all “Eyes” this weekend, with the late Stanley Kubrick’s highbrow sexcapade “Eyes Wide Shut” debuting in the No. 1 box-office spot with $22.8 million, according to industry estimates. The film, which stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, opened to extremely conflicting reviews but sparked a high curiosity-level on the part of movie fans. The lowbrow, acne-age sex comedy “American Pie” fell to second place with $13.3 million, while Adam Sandler’s “Big Daddy” remained No. 3 with $10.5 million. The crocodile flick “Lake Placid” opened in fourth place with $10.2 million, “Wild Wild West” was fifth with $10 million, and “The Wood” debuted in sixth place, with $8.6 million.