By Jeanne Darst
Updated December 18, 2001 12:00 PM

Tom Cruise, 39, is planning on finishing up a big tour of Asia, including Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei to promote his new film, the psychological thriller “Vanilla Sky,” with a visit to Australia with his costar and girlfriend Penelope Cruz, 27, reports Reuters. Australian media have been hyping the visit, citing the fact that ex-wife Nicole Kidman, 34, will be in Sydney at the same time, reports Reuters. But Cruise maintains a cool exterior about the whole situation. “I think it’d be wonderful actually,” Cruise said at a press conference in Singapore on Tuesday. Cruise and Kidman settled their multi-million dollar divorce in August and agreed to share custody of their adopted children Isabella, 8, and Connor, 6. Cruise, who’s emphasized that the romance with Cruz blossomed after the filming of “Vanilla Sky,” added about his trip Down Under, “I’m looking forward to it. It’s a place where my children live. My children are half Australian.” Cruise’s second endeavor with director Cameron Crowe, “Vanilla Sky,” grossed $25 million over its weekend opening in the United States to take the top spot over the all-star “Ocean’s Eleven.”