Commuters in Moscow rocked a subway car back and forth in order to free a woman who'd fallen and gotten stuck between the train car and the subway platform

April 06, 2015 10:50 PM

A crowd of Russian commuters had to act quickly on Saturday to free an elderly woman whose leg had become trapped between a train car and the subway platform.

A video of the incident shows the subway passengers combining their strength to rock the subway car back and forth. After about 15 seconds of rocking, the trapped woman was able to pull her leg free.

According to the Russian site Life News, the woman had stumbled while exiting the car. Bystanders immediately alerted the subway conductor not to leave the station. Upon being extricated, the woman was taken to a Moscow hospital.

News outlets have been noting the similarity between this incident and one in Perth, Australia, last August that also had fellow travelers combining their strength to free a man whose leg had become trapped.

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