Crow Takes Aim

Sheryl Crow gave a performance before a packed audience of students at Dartmouth College — where she is a visiting lecturer — Tuesday night. Before she sang she talked to students. On being a celebrity, she told them, “It’s a really hard thing for me, because I didn’t become well known or celebritized until I was already 27 years old. So I had a fair amount of time to just be innocuous, as I like to say.” As for the Wal-Mart retail chain banning her records because of her song lyrics being anything but innocuous (she criticized Wal-Mart for selling guns): “It’s funny about the Wal-Mart controversy because, to be perfectly frank, Wal-Mart came into my little, tiny town and wiped out all the mom and pop stores (which had been) the only place where you could buy my records. And, I can tell you that my grandmother was very upset when she couldn’t.”

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