Criss Angel (Sort Of) Explains Cameron Diaz Shout-Out

"Look, I'm Greek," the illusionist tells Ryan Seacrest. "I tell everyone I love them"

Magician Criss Angel has been using some verbal sleight of hand when talking about whether Cameron Diaz is his girlfriend.

After a New York City stunt on Monday in which he escaped from a concrete block suspended over Times Square, Angel, 39, told the crowd, “I’d like to dedicate this to my girl Trouble, a.k.a Cameron. I love you, baby.”

But back in Las Vegas Tuesday at a viewing party for the third season premiere of his show Mindfreak, Angel told PEOPLE: “I just said that because everyone was hounding me about it and at the end of the day I got it out there, so my professional life is there, my personal life is here.”

(Diaz, 34, did not join Angel at the viewing party – she is in Europe promoting Shrek the Third.)

So is the romance real or an illusion?

“She’s an amazing person,” Angel says, “and I wish her the best with her Shrek tour right now, and I’m not going to discuss Cameron anymore.”

That lasted until Thursday morning, when Angel discussed the “I love you” outburst on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “Look, I’m Greek,” he said. “Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I tell everyone I love them. I tell my manager I love him. They took it out of context. Don’t you love your friends? Cameron is a friend of mine, and I said hey, I love ya.”

And even though he and Diaz were spotted out together in Las Vegas two weekends in a row, Angel swears they’re not dating. “Listen, Cameron Diaz, one of the hottest, most beautiful Hollywood actresses,” he told Seacrest. “Look at me. Do you think Cameron would have any interest in me as more than a friend? No way. We’re just friends.”

There followed this exchange:
Seacrest: Are you dating?
Angel: No, I’m not dating. She’s doing Shrek right now in Europe.
Seacrest: Well you should date her.
Angel: You know what, if she is ever into freaky guys that do weird things then, uh …
Seacrest: You have low self esteem. You just signed a multi-bagillion- dollar deal and you look like a rock star. You need better self esteem.
Angel: I know. I have to go see Dr. Phil or something. It’s crazy to me how the press takes one thing and blows it out of proportion. Crazy.

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