"I'm so honored to be able to call her my friend," the Mindfreak star says of Diaz

By People Staff
May 23, 2007 02:45 PM

Getting a secret out of a magician is tougher then pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but Criss Angel opened up to PEOPLE about Cameron Diaz – sort of.

“Cam is an amazing person,” the Mindfreak star, 39, tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “I’m so honored to be able to call her my friend.”

But does he mean friend or does he mean friend? “I don’t know how to classify them,” one close source tells PEOPLE. “But she is using the word ‘we’ to mean her and Criss.”

The pair have been spotted out in Las Vegas two weeks in a row: Two days after they met on May 12, they caught a Cirque du Soleil show, where one witness told PEOPLE, “They were snuggling with each other and he was making her laugh.”

And on May 18, Diaz, 34, jetted to Vegas for a romantic rendezvous with Angel that included snuggling through dinner at Social House, then slow dancing at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Body English. (Still, the Shrek star was later spotted palling around with surfer Kelly Slater in Hawaii.)

Who Is Criss Angel?

The native New Yorker began studying mysticism as a kid. But aside from Houdini, the Mindfreak star – who lives in a Las Vegas hotel and briefly dated Minnie Driver last year – found most magicians “hokey,” he says.

He prefers his illusions to be terrifying – like his upcoming June 4 attempt to escape from a cube encased in concrete hanging 40 feet above New York City’s Times Square. (If he doesn’t escape within 24 hours, the cube will crash to the ground.)

“I’m really excited,” Angel tells PEOPLE. “Hopefully I don’t kill myself.” (To see one of his particularly terrifying illusions, check out the video below.) The new season of Mindfreak begins June 5 on A&E.
Reporting by MARK GRAY