23 Disney World and Disneyland Employees Share the Craziest Things They've Ever Seen at Work

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Disney World may be the happiest place on earth, but for those who work there, it can be one of the strangest.

Twenty-three current and former employees of Disney shared the most absurd things they’ve ever seen while on the job, and it’s official – our innocence is lost.

1. “I was working in the kitchen at Cinderella’s castle when this family of four came in for dinner. About half way through the dinner, the husband politely stands up and taps his glass for attention. He announced that his wife of 15 years had been cheating on him for over a year. The entire place stood still in shock. He motioned for his kids, paid the waitress and left the wife crying at the table.”


2. “Former Disney World cast member here. The most bizarre things were what the guests didn’t see. A man was found dead from an apparent suicide in his hotel room. The room’s windows and entrance were immediately concealed by those ‘pardon our dust’ renovation signs as costumed characters had an impromptu meet-and-greet to divert attention away from the room as police arrived to process the scene.”

3. “Disneyland: 1997. A family attacked a Pluto – pushed her into the fountain. I didn’t actually see the attack, but just got to deal with the aftermath backstage. Later Pluto told me the family was mad that she had to take her break after they had waited to get a picture. I think Pluto either broke her arm or her leg – I can’t remember. The family was arrested.”


4. “While I was working on Dumbo, these drunk people removed their infant from the seat belt and held the baby like Simba outside of the carriage while the ride was up 18 feet in the air, so their other drunk friends could take pictures of them doing it. We had to emergency stop the ride. They were escorted away and arrested once outside the park gates. It was very scary to witness.”

5. “One day I was walking to the cast member bank to cash my paycheck. The bank is behind the bank on Main Street, and the gate to go ‘Onstage’ is a little further down. As I walked up, the gate slammed open, and Donald Duck came stomping through, followed by Minnie and several other characters. Donald yanked his head off, threw it on the ground and screamed, ‘Stupid kid! Kicked me in the balls!'”

6. “In one of our classes, they explained how the characters had to have ‘leads’ with them at all times, since Goofy was stabbed by a man who had been arguing with another adult about whether Goofy was a person in a costume or a REAL 6-foot dog in a hat. They also showed us how to pose for photos – both hands had to be visible in all photos, so the guests can’t use the photos as evidence that the characters were touching their butts.”


7. “I drove the truck at Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom. I drove 40 guests at a time through a wildlife reserve with no fences. Most of the animals can wander right onto the road, blocking your path. Also, there are no tracks … so you’re really responsible for driving the truck, really responsible for the guests’ safety and really responsible for not running over a rhino – or, more realistically, not getting run over by a rhino. The animals are all real … many of the guests assume that they’re animatronic, but they’re not. There are natural barriers between predator and prey, so you’re not going to see a lion pounce on a zebra. But that doesn’t mean the animals can’t surprise you. Lots of animals have sex, mid-tour. Usually I would drive right past it without comment. Adults might snicker, but I could distract the kids by pointing out facts about other animals in the vicinity. But one day I’m driving and a rhino decides to take a nap in the road right in front of us. That means all trucks stop where they are until the rhino moves, because you’re not allowed to go off-road. We were stuck out there for more than an hour in a downpour. I know maybe eight facts about each animal, so I depleted my entire reservoir of facts within 30 minutes. The rest of it was all improv, trying to keep forty high-paying strangers entertained in an open-air truck that isn’t moving in a rainstorm for an hour.”

8. “I was once behind a mother and young daughter on that trip as we passed an elephant. The little girl blurted out to her mom, ‘Look! That elephant has five legs!’ I can confirm, that elephant’s erection was the size of his leg.”


9. “I was a sweeper in Disneyland back in the early 1980s. We would get assigned an area and you would just circle through it. I was working Tomorrowland near the monorail station (which went to the Disneyland Hotel across the street.) I saw a nice looking woman there who would strike up a conversation with a man, and then they would go get on the monorail. An hour later she would be back and strike up a conversation with another man and off they would go. I suppose she made a pretty good living finding lonely guys to entertain in her own magical way.”

10. “While riding Pirates of the Caribbean a few years ago, a lady pulled out a bag and dumped the contents into the water. She was crying and sort of laughing at the same time. It soon became clear that she had dumped her husbands ashes in the water as his final resting place. She was caught on camera and got in trouble, but it couldn’t be undone. Both creepy and cool at the same time.”


11. “I worked rides at Disney World in college in 2010, and oftentimes there would be private parties that would rent out sections of the park. A few high schools rented out the area I worked for graduation parties. On our rotation between positions on the ride, we would have one that was a rover but everyone casually referred to it as ‘sex patrol.’ Our job was to wander around in the dark corners of the park and make sure no horny high schoolers were doing dirty deeds out of the view of everyone else.”

12. “I was 19-years-old when I worked for Disney World, and my heart still skipped a beat when I saw Goofy take off his head for the first time. Yes, I know that Goofy is just a guy in a costume. Of course I do. I’m a grown man. And yet … actually seeing it? I would equate it to seeing a human take off their own head and revealing that there’s a smaller human inside working all of their joints for them.”


13. “I was sitting with a group of guys by where Mickey and Minnie get dressed. When they came out, the guys started cat-calling Minnie. The guy that was Mickey said, in a perfect Mickey voice, ‘If you look at my girlfriend again I’m gonna pop ya!'”

14. “One day, a kid had ate a bunch of pasta with marinara and then promptly threw it all up right in front of the entrance to Big Thunder Mountain.”

15. “I worked in monorails. About a year or so ago, a guest got off at Epcot Station and then told the cast member at unload that he was going to be sick. The cast member opened up the trash can so he could puke in it easier. The guest then proceeded to take off his clothes and take a massive dump in the trashcan.”


16. “We had a lady try to smuggle an infant onto a ride. She put a huge jacket on (in the summer) and stuffed her child down near the bottom in an attempt to look pregnant. Several cast members warned her that it is not recommended that pregnant women go on the ride, but she insisted, and we couldn’t stop her. So she manages to get on the Jeep, and puts the seat belt on, and that was when her stomach started screaming and crying.”

17. “A woman was dressed as Snow White in the parks, belligerently drunk and pretending to be the character by signing autographs and taking pictures with people. She was escorted out by the PD and caused a huge scene and resisted arrest. There’s a photo hung up backstage in one of the parks of it.”


18. “Someone had left an abandoned bag at the base of Space Mountain for more than fifteen minutes, so we followed the normal security procedures, and they brought a bomb dog out to sniff it. When our Pluto came to check the bag, he sniffed it and then sat down, which signals there is something wrong. So we had to evacuate all of Tomorrowland, literally all of the attractions/stores/restaurants, and all the cast members were standing at all of the entrances freaking out, because now we were sure a bomb was going to go off, and we would all die. It turned out that the backpack was just forgotten and full of carne asada burritos, and Pluto sat down because he thought he was getting a treat.”

19. “A mother climbed a tree and swung down in the middle of another family’s meet and greet with Beast. She didn’t want to wait in line.”


20. “I worked a ride in Animal Kingdom a long time ago. I saw a 10-foot-long snake emerge from an area with lots of plants and bushes. It slowly works its way through a line of about 200 people. It weaved its way through people’s legs, strollers, bags, etc… and then it just casually slipped back into another wooded area. No one noticed!”

21. “A lady has a jug for her kid to pee in. I don’t know why. We tell her anything to hold what should go in sewage is not allowed. She says she will take it back to her car, but then tries to hide the pee jar on her person. It got all over her.”


22. “Someone pooped on the exit ramp at Autotopia, and people ended up tracking it all over the place. We had to make a human wall of cast members to stop people from walking in it.”

23. “I saw a man walking around shirtless with the map of the Magic Kingdom tattooed across his entire back.”

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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