June 20, 2002 12:00 PM

It just goes to show that absolutely nothing is a simple joke anymore. As PEOPLE.com reported June 10, Valery Korzun, the new commander of the International Space Station, quipped when asked of the possibility of ‘N Sync member Lance Bass blasting off into space with him and his team: “Well, how about Cindy Crawford? We would love to see one of the supermodels.” Now, reports Reuters, Crawford, 36, told journalists during a visit to the Russian capital of Moscow on Thursday that she would happily make the trip, with a certain proviso. “I would go if I could be there and back in a week,” she said. “If they invite me, maybe, I don’t know.” The news service notes that Crawford’s personal fortune is estimated to be worth about $30 million, which would make affording the ticket (for which past passengers, South African Mark Shuttleworth and American millionaire Dennis Tito, paid $20 million each) feasible, if not completely desirable. Bass, 23, has been making noises all year about going along for this October’s ride, but no confirmation of his acceptance to the program has been verified. A Hollywood producer claims to be putting together an entertainment package that would have investors covering the expenses of Bass’s trip.

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