Supermodel Cindy Crawford, 34, and her husband, restaurateur Rande Gerber, are being called noisy nuisances in a complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by one of their neighbors in their Upper East Side co-operative apartment. In her legal papers filed last week, the couple’s neighbor, Marina French, who had worked in the Commission of Protocol under ex-New York City Mayor Ed Koch, said the Gerbers (who have an infant son born last year, Presley Walker Gerber) have made life for French and her husband, attorney John French, “intolerable” for the past two years by making “excessive noise.” Mostly the alleged racket had to do with construction that went on in the Gerber abode. “The work was so invasive that, on occasion,” say French’s papers, “the contractors drilled straight through concrete slabs separating the floors, through the ceiling of and into” the Frenches’s apartment. After that, soundproofing material was removed, French claims, and the annoyances now range from “telephones ringing, closet doors opening and closing, toilets flushing and baths running, to heels pounding” on uncarpeted areas of floor. (Most New York apartments specify that floors must be carpeted in order to cushion sounds.) Also named in French’s suit is the co-op president, noted author Joan Didion. A representative for Crawford and Gerber declined comment to both the New York Post and the Daily News, claiming that she has not seen the lawsuit.