By People Staff
Updated September 16, 2005 12:00 PM

Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson, 43, makes his first trip to the Emmys on Sept. 18 – as a presenter for best actor in a comedy series. But before he could run off with his gift bag, PEOPLE caught up with the Drew Carey Show alum to talk about the big night.

How does it feel to be going to the show?
I’m a little thunderstruck to be honest. You know the feeling when you move from the kids’ table to the grown-up table? That’s how I feel.

How do you prepare to be a presenter?
You put on a black tie and comb your hair.

How are awards shows different in the UK?
The one big show they have there, you get knighted or you get Scotland. They were the original, giving “ladnesses” and “dukenesses.” It’s all just the Emmys from the olden days.

Are you looking forward to the gift bag?
I thought you got maybe a gift voucher for a spa. I think they actually give you an island. I’m looking forward to that.

Will you donate yours to charity?
It depends. If it’s something really cool, I’m keeping it.

You have brought more female viewers to late-night TV. Why do you think that is?
I don’t know. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just do my thing and try each show to be more honest about why I am and who I am. It’s quite tricky and actually nerve-racking to do that. It’s kind of a happy train wreck.

You did your own theme song. Why?
It’s an old Yellow-y Submarine Beatles type of thing. I thought: If I’m going to listen to the damn thing every night, I want to hear something I like.

Any criteria for voting for the Emmys’ best talk-show host?
I’m voting for Jon Stewart. I want to just stay on the air first. I’ll try to do a couple of years before I say, “Hey, where’s mine?”

Anybody else you’re rooting for?
Desperate Housewives and (the show’s creator) Marc Cherry. I would love to see him take home a bunch of things.

We’ll see you Emmys night.
I’ll be the guy in the black tie.