By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated August 20, 2003 02:21 PM

After providing Brad Pitt with squeezable buns and Jennifer Lopez with a blushing face, Madame Tussaud’s in London has now added a realistic touch to the wax version of “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell: an insulting mouth.

Visitors to the wax museum who dare to sing before Cowell’s figure run the risk of hearing one of his trademark put-downs, according to British press reports.

Besides being a celebrity on this side of the Atlantic thanks to FOX’s “AI,” Cowell, 43, is a star at home on Britain’s talent show “Pop Idol,” which inspired the American version. (And he’s just as insulting on that show.)

“Simon Cowell has become so notorious, we decided to create an interactive figure of him,” a Tussaud’s spokesperson tells the BBC. “By using interactive wax works, we are trying to get away from the stuffy old museum image.”

Cowell’s statue is technically equipped to judge whether visitors who sing to it are in tune. The dummy then makes an appropriate response.

Among the 10 different comments that it might utter: “That was extraordinary. Unfortunately, extraordinarily bad,” or even, “One word to sum up — congratulations.”

The Tussaud’s rep adds that Cowell was pleased about seeing his wax likeness — yet, true to form, was not entirely impressed with the presentation.

“I don’t think he realized his arms were so hairy,” she said.