COVER STORY SNEAK PEEK: Inside Britney's Ordeal

Her routine and surroundings are "very drab," an addiction specialist tells PEOPLE


Like others at the 136-bed Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital on the UCLA campus, Britney Spears is allowed to make use of the patients’ common kitchen to fix a snack and an open-air deck to grab a smoke, PEOPLE reports in its latest cover story, on sale Friday.

But while she stays at UCLA, Spears will not get star treatment or be permitted to use her cell phone. If she can come up with the spare change, she has access to a pay phone on the floor.

Spears is expected to make her bed and change her linens, as well as eat at designated mealtimes. Though she can dine in her room, she is encouraged to mingle with other patients in the dining room, which, like the private bed and bathrooms, is “very drab,” says addiction specialist Marty Brenner.

Adds a psychologist who practices at UCLA: “If I were looking for a hospital that was like a hotel – more luxurious – I’d go to Cedars-Sinai. But if I were really sick I’d go to UCLA. Doctors, nurses, everyone will work round the clock to help patients.”

For more on this story, including Britney’s bedside conversation with her father and Sam Lutfi’s reaction to being barred from any contact with Spears, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

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