By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 19, 2004 10:27 AM

Courtney Love — whose long Wednesday night in Manhattan started with flashing David Letterman and later ended with her arrest — continued in slightly slower gear Thursday with a performance at the downtown club Bowery Ballroom.

Toning down her act from the previous night, when she was charged with misdemeanor assault and reckless endangerment, the former Hole singer told her Bowery audience: “If any of you plans on getting injured tonight, please go outside and get arrested now,” reports the New York Post.

On Wednesday, Love, 39, allegedly struck Gregory Burgett, 23, of Kentucky, with a microphone stand that either fell or was knocked from the stage of the club Plaid while she did an unadvertised performance to promote her new CD, “America’s Sweetheart,” reports The New York Times, noting that Love is awaiting trial in California on felony drug charges and that PEOPLE has named her one of its worst dressers.

Burgett reportedly received three staples in his cut brow at Cabrini Medical Center. Shown in a photo with a bandaged head and scratched right cheek (from his eye to his chin), Burgett tells Friday’s Post: “I always thought she was find of dangerous. Turns out, I was right. There was blood all over my face.”

Boy George — who was wearing a large hat that blocked the view of some patrons — was among the members in the audience at Plaid, the paper goes on to say, as were Natasha Lyonne and supermodel Amanda Moore. “It’s a rock ‘n’ roll crowd, a hip, groovy crowd,” says a Plaid spokeswoman. Of the flying mic stand, the rep insists: “It wasn’t like she hurled it at people.”

The owner of Plaid, Peggy Millard, echoed that sentiment to The Times, saying Love “was very upset. She didn’t realize she had done anything wrong. She was shocked when they wanted to arrest her.”

A Love decoy was dispatched in front of Plaid for the sake of awaiting paparazzi, reports The Times. The real Love was placed in a squad car and finally released from the Ninth Precinct station house at 7 a.m. She was then able to perform Thursday night at the Bowery Ballroom.

According to the Post, after Love was on “Late Show” — where she flashed her breasts at David Letterman (but not at the audience) — she stopped outside a Wendy’s and supposedly invited a stranger to kiss her breasts. She was also rebuffed at a club where she offered to go onstage with the Australian band Jet.

“History could have been made here tonight,” she is quoted by the Post as telling promoters who blocked her performance. She also reportedly flashed her breasts at Jet. Then she headed off to Plaid, where she reportedly demanded, “Get the Jameson (Irish whisky), get the Cristal (champagne). Get me all the money in the bank so I can get my daughter back.”

Love’s 11-year-old child with her late husband Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, was removed from her custody after the singer was charged with felony drug possession.

Love’s publicist released a statement saying, “We believe she will be vindicated.”