By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 06, 2003 01:00 PM

Courtney Love, last seen being arrested Tuesday at London’s Heathrow Airport for allegedly disruptive behavior onboard her Virgin Atlantic Airways flight from Los Angles, took center stage in the British capital Wednesday night.

She was dressed as Donald Duck and then stripped down to her underwear and fishnet stockings as she bounded onto Elton John’s piano, according to published reports.

The former Hole singer and widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain shared the spotlight — and his song, “The Bitch Is Back” — with John at a star-studded concert to raise money to restore London’s historic Old Vic Theatre, and to announce that American actor Kevin Spacey is taking over as its artistic director.

Referring to her arrest by police (who let her off with a warning), Love, 38, told reporters as she arrived to rehearse the show earlier Wednesday, “I have no regrets about what happened.”

Love was taken in for reportedly speaking abusively to a flight attendant and refusing to wear her seatbelt.

Then came the show. Sitting in the audience was Sir Richard Branson, 52, chairman of Virgin Atlantic, whose pilot had tipped off Air Traffic Control about Love.

At the party after the show, Branson and Love reportedly spent a half-hour in conversation. After the chat, she told reporters, “We’ve sorted it all out now … He’s given me four free first-class flights on Virgin.”

She said they also discussed “real estate” because she is planning to move to London while she works on a new album, despite the fact she is currently without a label.

Besides an airline, Branson owns one of those too.