October 05, 2001 10:00 AM

A California Superior court judge in Los Angeles has ruled that rock star Courtney Love’s lawsuit to break her contract with recording behemoth Universal Music can go to trial, a Love spokeswoman said on Thursday. No trial date has been set. “This is an historic case: no artist has ever gone this far in litigation, and no record company has ever faced charges as serious as these,” A. Barry Cappello, Love’s attorney, said in a statement. A spokesman for Universal Music was not immediately available for comment. Cappello has said that Love’s suit, filed in February, targets the music industry’s standard practice of locking artists into contracts that extend for much longer than allowed in such other businesses as TV, movies and sports. Love stepped up to the legal plate after Universal sued her in February 2000, seeking damages for five undelivered albums when she tried to end her contractual relationship with the recording company. Love’s last album, with her band Hole, was 1998’s “Celebrity Skin.” Earlier this week it was reported that Love has also sued Geffen Records and two musicians from her late husband Kurt Cobain’s grunge band, Nirvana, to invalidate a 1997 agreement over the group’s body of work. Her lawyer said that Love signed the deal while she was distressed, and has resulted in mismanagement of the music by Geffen. She wishes to regain sole control of Nirvana’s master recordings, videos and other materials.

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