October 28, 2004 09:00 AM

Troubled rocker Courtney Love will have to face the music on felony assault charges stemming from a dustup at her ex-boyfriend’s home earlier this year, a Los Angeles court ruled Wednesday.

Love will stand trial on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon following the April 25 attack on Kristin King that took place at the home of Love’s ex-boyfriend, Jim Barber, PEOPLE reports.

King testified Wednesday that Love came to Barber’s home around 4 a.m., and she was awoken to the sound of Love demanding to be let in. Love then “stormed through the house” and began arguing and tussling with Barber. When Love saw King on the couch, she dumped the contents of a liquor bottle on King and then threw the bottle at King’s head.

Love allegedly also threw a lit candle at King, then sat on her and grabbed and pinched King’s breast, and chased her with a flashlight, according to testimony. When Barber tried to pull Love off King, Love asked, “What, are you going to protect her?”

“(Love) was aggressive, angry, in a rage,” King told the court.

King managed to escape onto the front lawn of Barber’s home, where she threatened to call the police on a cell phone. Love took the phone from her and told King she had no witnesses. “I’ll say you were never here,” Love said.

Barber later called a taxi for King, who left and reported the incident to police.

Howard Weitzman, an attorney for Love, said the case had been “grossly overcharged,” the Associated Press reports. “We hope this will be resolved in a way to allow her to move on with her life,” Weitzman said. The attorney added that Love’s well-known drug problems are behind the musician-actress. “Things are looking better and better for Courtney,” he said.

Love’s arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 10. She faces a maximum sentence of six years if convicted. She is free on $150,000 bail.

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