Courtney Love on Frances Bean: 'Teenagers Are Hard'

The rocker says she struggles with being a single mom

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

She may be known for her wild antics and trouble with the law but Courtney Love is trying her best for daughter Frances Bean.

Love, 43, says in a new U.K. magazine interview that she recently let 15-year-old Franny (as she calls her) go out alone with a daughter of rocker Sting – only to find out it was to see a film about suicide.

“I wanted to show [her] that she could go out in London without a nanny or bodyguard, so they went by themselves. I wanted to get her a cake because it is the first time she has gone anywhere on her own,” she tells the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

Love, however, hadn’t thought about the movie they were going to see – Control, the biopic about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide. “She came back so disturbed, because I forgot what the movie was about,” she says – before crying at the memory.

‘She Got the Best of Both of Us’

There’s no doubt that she’s proud of Frances, though. “I just want things to be good for her, but she’s a lot like me and a lot like her dad. I think she got the best of both of us, so there’s that.”

However turbulent Love’s life may be, the bond between her and her daughter – whom she’s called a "brainiac" – is obviously intense. “She slept with me for the first time in a long time last night,” Love says. “We get [along] well most of the time but teenagers are hard. Being a single mother is hard.”

Meanwhile, Love is fronting a new campaign for clothing label Givenchy and recording her second solo CD. She has been in an ongoing weight battle and is back to a size four thanks to Madonna‘s macrobiotic nutritionist.

“You have to be thin all the time to make it as an actress. But my rock weight is 20 or 30 lbs. more than my film weight,” she told the magazine.

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