February 17, 2004 09:08 PM

Rocker-actress Courtney Love evaded punishment on Tuesday when she finally appeared for a court hearing in Beverly Hills.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Hart Cole dismissed a warrant issued for Love’s arrest last week after the 39-year-old rocker failed to show up for her felony drug case, the Associated Press reports.

Judge Cole ordered Love back in court for a preliminary hearing on March 16.

Love was arrested Oct. 2 for allegedly trying to break into the home of her boyfriend. After her arrest, she was freed on bail, taken to a local hospital for a medical emergency and then charged with possessing and being under the influence of prescription painkillers.

Love was to appear in separate hearings last Wednesday, but she missed both. Her attorney said she was unable to attend due to “security concerns.”

In court on Tuesday, Love appeared respectable and soft-spoken — in contrast to her rambling, expletive-filled call-in to Howard Stern last week. She had called the shock jock to explain her absence from court, claiming she didn’t have a bodyguard to accompany her to the hearing. Stern, however, urged Love to make her court date and behave herself.

Love’s court troubles coincide with last week’s release of “America’s Sweetheart,” her first solo album since she parted ways with her former band, Hole.

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