The singer denies having surgery but admits she had breast implants "quietly" removed

By Scott Huver
Updated April 18, 2007 08:30 AM

Newly svelte Courtney Love stepped out in a pair of skinny designer pants at a Beverly Hills bash, telling PEOPLE that exercise and diet – not surgery – helped her drop 52 lbs.

“I didn’t have a scar for gastric [bypass]. I’m not eligible for that. It’s illegal for me to get that. You have to be 100 pounds overweight, you have to be grossly obese,” Love said Monday night at a private party for the HBO documentary Helmet by June, executive produced by Brett Ratner.

She also scoffed at the notion of having had liposuction: “What, I’m going to liposuction my fingers? My hands are smaller!”

Rumors about how Love lost the weight started up last month when photos of her in a bikini hit the Web. But she says she was inspired to drop the weight late last year after seeing the scale reach 182 lbs. and a photograph of herself with her stomach hanging out. Plus, she was facing a fashion shoot for Italian Vogue.

“They Photoshopped me,” she says. “I couldn’t fit into anything, all the backs had to be cut out, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna fit into sample size, dammit!’ And that was my New Year’s resolution.”

The singer says she’s dropped the 52 lbs. since Dec. 21, starting out drinking 1,200-calorie Isopure shakes during the day and eating fish and vegetables at night. She also added a fitness routine that incorporated running on a treadmill, Pilates and yoga. She also had her breast implants removed. “I just quietly did it, you know?” she says.

Love was able to reach her goal of fitting into the designer clothes she craved, and she showed off her first victorious style item at the Men’s Vogue-sponsored party – the pants she was wearing. “They’re Todd Lynn, they’re sample size, they’re from the runway.”