The singer gives a progress report on her "mini war," and she's down to a pack a day

By Pete Norman
Updated June 15, 2007 12:15 PM

Following doctor’s orders that she stop smoking, Courtney Love has already cut her nicotine consumption in half – to 20 cigarettes a day.

“I’m going thru hell trying to cut back on smoking,” Love writes on her Web site. “I’m down to a pack a day from two, but it’s a pain and each fight of the urge is a little mini war.”

Love, 42, recently revealed on her blog that her doctor had discovered pre-op nodules in her throat. “He guessed exactly how much I smoke too and told me I’ll have to get surgery,” she wrote.

Now, she says, “[I’m] trying to get to half a pack a day and then quit when I get to 10.” The former Hole singer, who has conquered heroin addiction, adds: “I think of all I’ve been through and I can do this.”

She’s certainly not lacking for willpower: She’s shed more than 50 lbs. this year thanks to healthy eating and yoga, and says her diet now includes whey shakes, Kyo green tea, flax seed and omega 3 oil.

In her latest post, Love – the mother of daughter Frances Bean, 14 – dismisses a report that she’s wasting away. “I noted – ‘cos my kid bought it – I was on the cover of The National Enquirer AND THEY SAID I WAS 115 [lbs.]! I couldn’t walk if I was 115,” she writes, adding: “I’m a big girl with big shoulders and ribs and health is really important to me. Hugely.”