May 11, 2007 04:45 PM

Courtney Love has revealed that she is doing Buddhist chants as she struggles to decide what to do with Kurt Cobain’s possessions.

“I chanted two hours tonight and really thought about where the money should go,” Love wrote recently on her Web site about having either a private sale or an auction and using the proceeds to establish a foundation.

Love’s late husband, Nirvana frontman Cobain, committed suicide in 1994 and Love has said recently she wants to sell off most of his possessions.

After the sale, she says she hopes to “do good works with the proceeds, works that would create artists and promote them to stop bullying, to deal with self-destructive fantasies and suicidal ideation at a young age.”

But she says she’s chanting about other things as well: “My list takes three pages – everything from material things to alleviating one person’s misery each day and … to understand why I was born to these parents.”

Her chants, she says, have revealed her mission in life: “To really change things and be a real philanthropist in a serious way. … If one cares deeply for the charities they are serving it can only be a good thing.”

And selling Cobain’s possessions, ideally to someone who is “genuinely a Kurt fan who … would play the guitars and use things and would value his stuff incredibly,” will help her do just that by achieving “things Kurt would want: solvency for his daughter and personal investments, but mostly giving to other people – research into stomach ailments mysterious like his, perhaps even a perfect rehab.”

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