"She's hilarious every day. She's been amazing," says Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town

By Reagan Alexander
Updated November 21, 2010 02:15 PM
Credit: James White/ABC

For Courteney Cox, the show – and life – must go on.

“If we weren’t friends and she didn’t confide in me I wouldn’t have any idea that anything was wrong,” her Cougar Town costar Josh Hopkins tells PEOPLE. “She comes to set, she knows her stuff, and she’s hilarious everyday. She’s been amazing.”

But Hopkins, who plays Cox’s love interest, points out that some of the attention over the actress’s split from David Arquette” has been noticed by Cox’s 6-year-old daughter Coco.

“The day that the news of the separation broke, there were paparazzi outside of their house, and they were taking pictures when Courteney took Coco to school,” the actor said Friday at the OmniPeace by Jordan Klein launch. “Coco sees these things, because that’s not a normal thing in any respect and she is a precocious child.”

Hopkins, who was supporting his costar/boss by attending the event at Kitson in Hollywood, says that while all adult relationships have their share of turmoil, the fact that the split involves two celebrities makes it unique.

“There’s no doubt that they have a lot to deal with right now,” he said, looking over at Cox who was sitting nearby, “more than you would in your average separation.”