“The Bachelor” star Bob Guiney, sued by that show’s producers for promoting his CD, is now singing anything but the blues.

A federal judge has denied an attempt by Telepictures Productions, which produces “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” to stop Guiney from hawking his fourth and latest album, “3 Sides,” his lawyer tells PEOPLE. The court ruled that Telepictures has no grounds to enjoin Bob Guiney’s music career and the sale of his latest album.

“We are extremely pleased by the court’s ruling,” said Guiney’s attorney, Charles J. Harder of Lavely & Singer in Los Angeles. “This is a case that never should have been brought. Bob Guiney has the right to continue his 12-year career as a recording artist.”

Harder added: “It is outrageous that Telepictures, a multibillion-dollar entertainment company, would try to stop him from earning a living.”

Earlier this month, the producers sued Guiney, claiming he breached his contract by selling his CD and promoting it in a music video, according to the suit filed in the State Superior Court in Los Angeles.

According to legal papers obtained by PEOPLE, “Bachelor” producer And Syndicated Productions charged that Guiney, 32, and his record company, Wind-up Records, have brought “damage (to) the series’ valuable brand name and goodwill by engaging in unauthorized and widespread media promotion” of his new CD, “3 Sides.”

The suit sought unspecified financial damages and wanted sales of the CD stopped immediately. Guiney’s defense team maintained that the exclusivity contract only had to do with competing TV shows, not with music albums.