Couple Who Posed as Bride & Groom at Age 4 Still Going Strong at 91

Ron and Eileen Everest celebrate a lifetime of love, and 70 years of marriage

Photo: Rex USA (3)

Ninety-one years after meeting, they’re still in love.

Ron and Eileen Everest never knew a world without each other. They were born in the same hospital – he in 1921, she in 1922 – and were friends practically from birth.

As 4-year-olds, they posed as bride and groom in a pretend wedding at a carnival. Later, barely out of their teens, they married for real.

And this year, 87 years after that old photo was taken – the one they fondly refer to as their first wedding rehearsal – the British couple are celebrating their platinum anniversary after 70 years of marriage.

“We have been in love from the age of zero,” Ron tells the Telegraph. “We were born in the same maternity hospital – we might have even been born in the same bed.”

It wasn’t fate, necessarily. In fact, Eileen took some convincing before she eventually agreed to marry Ron in 1943.

“I did not think much of Ron at all,” she tells the Daily Mail. “But I did think he looked handsome in his Navy uniform. To be honest, I liked the look of the uniform more than him.”

But 70 years after their wedding day, they can look back and see just how special their bond has been.

“We have had our ups and downs, but we have always got on,” Eileen says.

Adds Ron: “We promised to love, honor and obey – and I did all the obeying.”

Anyway, there’s no backing out now. As Eileen says: “I think we will stay together forever.”

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