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February 22, 2016 02:50 PM

Being a flight attendant comes with amazing perks sometimes. Free flights, for one. For another, helping your mom fulfill one last wish.

Kristy Larsen’s mother Billie Jo is fighting Stage 4 cancer. And she’s always wanted to see where her daughter lives and works. She also has a wish that’s pretty common to moms everywhere: She wants to see her daughter get married.

Kristy and Jim Larsen tie the knot mid-flight
Christina Frees/Frees it in Time

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So Kristy and her now-husband Jim engineered a unique hat trick to fulfill all of Billie Jo’s goals: They got married 35,000 feet in the air on a flight into Seattle, with Billie Jo in attendance.

Kristy and Jim Larsen and Billie Jo
Christina Frees/Frees it in Time

“She wanted to come out and see where we were at because she knew I was happy out here in Seattle and wanted to come see Seattle and see our house here and just have a visual of what our life was like up here and that really it really touched me,” Kristy told FOX29.

Kristy and Jim Larsen
Christina Frees/Frees it in Time

“My mother is the world to me, anything to make my mom happy,” Kristy said.

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