The Caffarys have spent 585 nights aboard the Sensation since they started cruising in 2000

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 17, 2015 04:35 PM
Credit: Carnival Cruise Line

Here’s a couple with a firm set of sea legs.

On Sunday, Bernard and Janice Caffary of Lakeland, Florida, departed on their 100th cruise on the same Carnival cruise ship, reports Florida Today. Starting in 2003, the couple has enjoyed numerous each year on the Carnival Sensation, departing from Port Canaveral.

“They love the ship and they love the staff, and it’s a big part of their lives,” Carnival’s public relations manager Vance Gulliksen said. “It’s a pretty amazing feat. We’re very excited to have them.”

According to Carnival Cruise Line, the Caffarys have set a record. Over the company’s 43 years, no other passengers have taken the same boat so many times.

Janice, 68, and Bernard, 77, first started riding the Sensation for the shows, destinations and food, but as the number of trips grew larger, the Caffarys’ interests changed. Now the couple enjoy stepping aboard the boat to visit and learn more about the friends they have made among the crew members.

“It becomes friendly and warm and family, and it stays with you,” said Janice. “It’s a family atmosphere. A lot of the crew members call us ‘mom and dad.’ ”

The Caffarys aren’t solely passengers on the Sensation. The pair have been on 42 other Carnival cruises and also enjoyed 40 other trips on different cruise lines.

However, the Sensation remains the favorite of this duo, who left the ship for land only once during their last voyage. Through their 100 trips together, the crew of the boat have developed quite an attachment to “mom and dad.”

“Our staff strives to provide a pleasant beginning and ending to every cruise from Port Canaveral, and we are pleased that we have been able to provide that experience enough times to sail to the top of the Caffarys’ favorites list,” chief executive officer John Walsh said.

For the Caffarys’ 100th ride aboard the Sensation, the ship’s crew surprised them with a huge welcome banner and VIP ceremony.

The sailing marks one of the 24 cruises the couple have planned for this year. The Caffarys started their sea travels in 2000 after retiring from their jobs, embarking upon their first Sensation trip three years later. Since then, the pair have spent 585 nights aboard the boat, staying in the same room 90 percent of the time.

The Caffarys have no plans of stopping; the couple say they are prepared to take cruises for the foreseeable future and have already spent roughly $117,000 on trips to date.

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