An Ohio couple are suing the distributors of an erotic e-book they say used their engagement photo

By Drew Mackie
April 29, 2015 12:50 AM
Courtesy Amazon

Fans of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got a good laugh when the self-published erotic e-book A Gronking to Remember went on sale in late 2014.

Two people who did not enjoy the book, however, are now suing the author, who goes under the pseudonym Lacey Noonan, as well as the companies selling the title: Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

The couple, listed in the lawsuit filing only as John and Jane Roe, claim their engagement photo was used without their permission on the cover of A Gronking to Remember, alongside an image of Gronkowski’s face. The book details one housewife’s passionate reaction to watching Gronkowski perform his "Gronk Spike," his signature way of celebrating on the field.

According to the filing, the 66-page book is “less than tasteful” and “offensive.” The Roes say that the association with it has “held them up to ridicule and embarrassment” that was worsened when the book was featured on national television.

Jimmy Kimmel, for example, showed off the book’s cover when Gronkowski appeared on the Feb. 13 episode of his show.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Amazon has responded to the suit by saying it’s not the publisher of the offending image.

The Amazon page for A Gronking to Remember currently features a new cover with a different couple.