Beau Ouimette and his wife sprang into action when they found a weak, dehydrated, injured fox in the wild

Prepare yourself for the most emotional fox journey since The Fox and the Hound.

Beau Ouimette and his wife were recently gem-hunting in West Virginia, when instead of a precious stone, they discovered a precious animal. The couple stumbled upon a tiny, dirty fox kit letting out little yelps for help.

A trained veterinarian, Ouimette’s wife quickly went to work on the baby animal. After taking a closer look at the fox, she determined the animal was female, roughly one month old and severely dehydrated. Based on the dried blood found around the baby’s neck, the Ouimettes also believe the fox was attacked by a predator and separated from her family.

Luckily, the little lady found a new family in the Ouimettes. The pair bundled up the timid animal in one of their coats and brought her back to their home. Over the next several days, the couple bottle-fed the baby and worked on gaining her trust. As a result, the fox’s health improved rapidly.

The once weak kit can be seen in the second video below, bounding around her cage, playing with her new friends and, overall, looking in much better spirits.

Wanting what was best for their new fox friend, the Ouimettes decided to drop off the baby at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center to finish up her recuperation and, hopefully, be released back into the wild – but not without saying an emotional goodbye first.

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