July 22, 2015 12:00 AM

When you meet the person you want to marry at a Starbucks housed within an REI outdoor gear store, this is apparently how you get engaged.

The setup: David and Stephanie are popping by their favorite spot, this one particular Starbucks, where they’ll be told that a joint promotion by the coffeehouse and REI has participants scrambling up a rock wall to get a gift card. The couple is down, and Stephanie wins the coin toss and heads out to compete.

While she’s climbing up the rock wall, David changes into a suit and assembles the couple’s family and friends. And if you’ve already guessed that it’s not a mere gift card at stake, you’re right.

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When she’s back on the ground, she gets the speech. “I figured that since this is where it all began, this would be the best place to start the next chapter,” he says. And he goes down on one knee, and she says yes.

Now this is how you choreograph an elaborate proposal without actually hiring people to dance.

The video is a production by the ARK Project, a nonprofit that performs good deeds, seeking to change the world for the better “an act of random kindness” at a time.

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