A New Jersey couple found home video footage with each other on separate family vacations in 1988

By Lindsay Kimble
March 22, 2015 05:10 PM
Courtesy of Jourdan Spencer

Despite meeting for the first time on a blind date in 2004, a New Jersey couple was shocked to see they d crossed paths almost 16 years before.

Jourdan and Ryan Spencer were watching her childhood home videos several years ago when they spotted 13-year-old Ryan walking across the screen during Jourdan s 1988 vacation.

The video shows Jourdan, then 10, riding a water slide at Pennsylvania s Sesame Place theme park, while her mother and siblings wait nearby. When a bespeckled Ryan walked into frame, the Spencers were shocked.

“Everyone’s reaction was pretty much they can’t believe it, and just in awe of the coincidence,” Ryan told ABC News.

The couple, who married in 2007, were met with skepticism when they first told the story to relatives, after misplacing the video proof. It wasn’t until this March that they found it, and confirmed the crazy coincidence.

The Spencers, who have three children, grew up only 45 minutes from each other in New Jersey, and have already determined other instances where they d crossed paths in the past – including a 1989 Rolling Stones concert.

“I do really believe that people come into our lives and every person we meet has a purpose,” Jourdan told ABC News.