The Amazing True Story Behind the #Westillcoming Wedding Photo Hoax

How wedding photos turned into a rap video shoot


The viral story of a wedding invite a bride accidentally texted to a stranger has been revealed as a hoax. Thankfully, the real story behind the popular wedding photo is even better.

The Instagrammed text exchange between newlywed “Kristen” and a stranger who told the bride, “We still coming,” was made up by some sneaky web user, but the accompanying photo of the wedding party with their new friends is very real. The smiling couple in the picture aren’t Roger and Kristen, as the texts indicate; they’re newlyweds Ian and Amy Hicks.

The couple, who were shocked to see their wedding photo spread across the web, talked to PEOPLE about the wonderfully weird truth behind the picture.

“The text is pretty funny. The #westillcoming? That’s hilarious,” Ian said. “But this is such a great story, because it’s true. It happened to us.”

The Hicks held their June wedding in the bride’s home state of Michigan at the Colony Club in Detroit. After the ceremony the wedding party boarded an antique trolley and drove around the city, stopping at several locations for photos.

The event’s photographer, Adam Sparkes, suggested they stop by the abandoned Michigan Central Station for a few shots. There they unexpectedly found the rap group 7262 in front of the decaying landmark filming a new music video, complete with custom Monte Carlos.

“Amy and I go off to the side and get a few pictures,” Ian explained. “Before I can even turn around my groomsmen are already over there talking to the guys. So our photographer was like, ‘All right, let’s go over there.’ ”

The rappers clapped for the happy couple when they came over and joined the pair for pictures. Showing off their Midwest hospitality, the guys of 7262 invited the wedding party to dance. Ian, Amy and their guests happily accepted, grooving with the rap group while their song “Anthem” blared.

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“We didn’t even know that they were filming us, we were just hanging out and messing around with them,” Ian said.

After spending about 30 minutes with the rappers, the bridal party headed back to start the reception, expecting that the whole encounter would just be remembered as a funny story between the group. But it turned into something much bigger.

Ian and Amy said the photo first went viral after someone pulled the shot from Ian’s Facebook page and posted it to Reddit. From there it spread to Twitter and Instagram, where someone added the phony text messages along the way. But the biggest surprise came from the guys of 7262.

“My little brother, who was one of the groomsman, one the rappers got his number and reached out to him about a month later and was like, ‘Hey, we’re posting the video to YouTube today,’ ” Amy said.

Apparently, the wedding group’s moves were so good they made the final cut. The bridal party is shown getting down throughout the “Anthem” video from 7262’s Jojinoo and Mojo. And now everyone can enjoy their dancing by checking out the NSFW YouTube video.

The newlyweds, aren’t the only ones enjoying the strange fame coming from their wedding photo, rappers Jojinoo and Mojo are loving the Internet notoriety as well.

“I like the attention. I like it because it’s making the video bigger,” Jojinoo, 18, told PEOPLE. “Without all the jumps, it wouldn’t have stretched out of town the way it has.”

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