Country's Billy Currington Is Returning to Music

Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Country singer Billy Currington is returning to his music career, an he says he feels “better than I ever have,” the Tennessean reports.

Currington, 34, the platinum-selling singer of the hit “Good Directions,” has spent the past six months in intensive therapy to deal with issues resulting from childhood abuse.

He opened up about his childhood pain for the first time to PEOPLE last August, just after completing a 30-day trauma recovery program at Arizona’s Sierra Tucson. Currington took the rest of the year off to work with two therapists in Hawaii who specialized in childhood trauma.

In his interview with PEOPLE last summer, Currington said he suffered years of emotional and physical abuse. “I started showing symptoms of trauma in grade school by getting into fights,” he said. “When you are taught to hate, you carry that with you.”

Of his treatment, Currington told the Tennessean: “My life was in an unhealthy place. I feel fortunate that I was in the right place to be able to take that short break and look at my inner self to begin a journey to fix what I felt was broken.”

Currington is at work on his next album and will begin touring again in May.

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