Country Star Josh Turner on Medical Rest

The "Firecracker" singer is expected to be back on his feet to open for Carrie Underwood

Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage

Doctors have prescribed rest for country star Josh Turner, who is suffering from a nasty chronic sinus infection after getting hit with the flu several weeks ago.

The “Firecracker” singer, has had to cancel all immediate commitments, including an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry on Friday, but his rep says that Turner, 30, expects to be back to full health for his series of concert dates with Carrie Underwood later this month. The multiplatinum artist is married to bandmate Jennifer, who plays keyboard and sings back-up, but she and the couple’s 16-month old son, Hampton, have so far eluded the flu bug, his rep says.
– Eileen Finan

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