Could Elin Nordegren's Silence Cost Tiger Woods $700 Million?

The sides are working on a divorce agreement, reportedly contingent on her not talking

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Silence is golden, but is it worth $700 million? It could be what Tiger Woods gives estranged wife Elin Nordegren in a divorce agreement being hammered out now.

While Nordegren has been traveling to Sweden and China with children Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1, and Woods has been struggling to return to the PGA Tour, lawyers for both sides are reportedly close to reaching an agreement.

Sources tell people that Nordegren could land “about $700 million,” a number that has increased steadily throughout the months of negotiations.

Woods’s camp, a source tells PEOPLE, has offered Elin increasing settlement amounts, all of which are contingent on her silence. Nordegren has so far balked at the confidentiality clause, not because she has a burning desire to tell the story, but because it is the biggest bargaining chip she has, says the source.

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Although Woods does not want his wife to give an interview about him, or write a book about her life with him, another source tells PEOPLE that much of the haggling has been about child custody.

“Elin does not want Tiger to have female friends around when he has the children,” the source tells PEOPLE. “This is very important to her, and she will not give in to anything less.”

To have control over the children’s interactions with their father, Nordegren has been fighting her husband for 100 percent custody of Sam and Charlie, though of course, Woods would get to see the kids. But the golfer said no, and has asked for at least one weekend a month.

Golf Gets in the Way

However, with his frequent golf tournaments, the lawyers are now discussing the possibility of Woods seeing the kids for a larger chunk of time when he is not traveling for golf. Instead of taking them one weekend a month, he could have Sam and Charlie longer, then not again for a couple of months.

“When Tiger is at tournaments and misses a weekend, he could make up for it by taking them for two or three weeks at a time which will allow Elin freedom to travel and see her friends in the U.S.,” the source tells PEOPLE. “This is something they are discussing.”

Nordegren will spend much of the year in Sweden and wants the children to be educated there, the source believes. Nordegren is tired of the American media glare. She wants the children to be raised at her $2.2. million estate in the Stockholm archipelago complete with a beach, dock, sauna and four separate houses. She will be near her family and long time school friends.

If negotiations continue with Nordegren likely to get primary custody, she could have a second home in Jupiter, Fla., which is convenient to Woods’s nearly completed $80 million, 9,000-square foot Jupiter Island estate, and to her close American friends.

Lawyers are still also discussing how to divide the other Florida properties.

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