Kevin Costner thinks you can’t have hits without a few misses. “I wish I had a life that was mistake-free, but if you take a big bite out of life, it generally is going to take a big bite out of you,” Costner declares in the March issue of Redbook. “I am a risk-taker, I am evolving, and I experiment with my life.” Costner, who opens Friday in “Message in a Bottle,” isn’t daunted by critical flops like “Waterworld” or “The Postman” since his successes include the Academy Award-winning “Dances With Wolves.” “Failure doesn’t kill you,” says Costner. “It increases your desire to make something happen.” If the reviews are any indication, Kevin has slipped up again. PEOPLE Magazine critic Leah Rozen calls “Message in a Bottle” sappy and languorous. “If you thought ‘Meet Joe Black’ was slow,” she says in the current issue, “wait until you see ‘Bottle.'”

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