Costner's Big Slip

Is the popularity of Kevin Costner waning? Markedly, according to an analysis in this morning’s USA Today of the star’s recent box-office performances. His latest, “For Love of the Game,” plunged nearly 51% in its second weekend after its mediocre $13 million opening, the paper reports, noting, “Some observers say that something has happened to Costner’s good-guy image.” Costner had complained bitterly over the studio’s eliminating his “Game” nude scene in order to get a lower rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

  • “Ironically,” says USA Today, “Costner’s most popular movie of the past six years is the notorious budget-buster ‘Waterworld.’ ‘Tin Cup’ was a modest success, while ‘Message in a Bottle’ started off well, but like ‘Game’ declined sharply. ‘The Postman’ was just the worst of several flops.’ ”
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