The Best Cosplayers from London's Comic Con (PHOTOS)

They're the real heroes

Photo: Paul Brown/REX

London’s MCM Comic Con took place this past week, and as with any convention, the cosplayers were out in force.

Which is as it should be – sure, the celebrity appearances and previews and deep-dive panel discussions into the minutiae of your favorite nerdery are all well and good, but cosplayers are the lifeblood of any proper convention.

We’re all into comic books and sci-fi for escape – for fantasy – but these brave souls are the ones who are out there living that fantasy, if only for a few short days. We salute them, and we hope you do too.

Elsa Oakley is a well-known cosplayer in the U.K., known as “The Loki of London.”

Things are about to go from 0 to 100 real quick up in this con.

It’s not all glowering Batmen and supervillains. There are Disney Princesses in beautiful dresses, too.

And, um, beefcake Spartan warriors from 300. Let’s hear it for objectifying men for a change!

Look at that sneer. That’s dedication. Dedication that will haunt our dreams.

The beard and costume game is on-point, but dude’s gonna have to hit the gym a little more if he wants to compete with our real-life Thor and Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Hemsworth. Big shoes to fill.

We just hope this guy walked everywhere sideways making Dr. Zoidberg’s “whoop whoop whoop” noise.

Up, up and away!

Ant-Man isn’t even out yet, and this unnamed guy already has a costume that rivals Paul Rudd‘s.

Because the only thing better than an uncannily accurate Batman costume is an uncannily accurate Lego Batman costume.

Hey, superheroes buy their train tickets at a troublesome kiosk just like the rest of us.