Bill Cosby is peeved. The comic is threatening a $250 million lawsuit against the National Enquirer unless the tabloid retracts a story that claims that actress Lachele Covington, 20, who has a recurring role on CBS’s “Cosby” as a waitress, accused him of sexual abuse. “The story is not true,” Cosby spokesman David Brokaw told the Associated Press. “Nothing happened.” Brokaw said that Cosby first heard of the claim when he read it in the Enquirer. According to the story, Covington told New York City police on Feb. 1 that Cosby fondled her breast and exposed himself. The police complaint filed by Covington was referred to the district attorney’s office, which declined to prosecute, says the paper. On Monday the Enquirer said that it is standing by its story — which, it notes, includes Cosby’s denial of Covington’s allegations.