Corey Lewandowski is no longer working for Donald Trump's presidential campaign

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated June 20, 2016 11:10 AM
Credit: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg/Getty

Donald Trump has parted ways with Corey Lewandowski, months after the campaign manager made headlines over allegations that he assaulted a journalist, according to The New York Times.

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign,” Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, told The Times in a statement. “The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

Two people briefed on Lewandowski’s departure told The Times that he had been fired. The campaign had long been planning adjustments in preparation for the general election, one said. Paul Manafort was appointed as the new campaign manager.

Lewandowski publicly addressed his departure on CNN, Monday, saying that he didn’t know why he was fired but noted that he was “proud” of the work he had done.

“I had a nice conversation with Mr. Trump, and I said to him ‘It’s been an honor and a privilege to be part of it,’ ” Lewandowski explained, noting, “Things change as a campaign evolves and a general campaign against a very well-funded giant organization like the Clinton campaign is very different than running against those smaller primary state elections. Even when it was a big day.”

He continued to speak highly of Trump, and said he has the “mindset, and the tenacity and the intensity” to be the President. Of his own criticisms, Lewandowski said, “I think I’m a very intense person and my expectation is perfection, because I think that’s what Mr. Trump deserves.”

“I’ve given up 19 months of my life and my family and all of the other things to make sure that he’s in the best possible position,” Trump said.

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In April, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg announced he would not press charges against Lewandowski for allegedly grabbing the arm of former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields at a Trump rally on March 8.

The Trump campaign stood by Lewandowski after the incident, issuing a statement that said he was “absolutely innocent of this charge.”