Corey Feldman Mirrors Michael Jackson

The actor pays homage to his idol by wearing classic Jackson style to the singer's memorial

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Corey Feldman has said he’s “shaken up” by the death of his friend and idol Michael Jackson. To pay homage to the late, great star, Feldman has twice dressed in a Jackson-style outfit.

On Tuesday, the actor showed up to mourn his old friend at the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert at the Staples Center in L.A. wearing a faux-military jacket, shades, and a black fedora.

Just two days after Jackson’s death, during Feldman’s L.A. concert with his band Truth Movement, the actor told the audience he wanted to honor “the world’s greatest entertainer” with a moment of silence – all while dressed in a Jackson-style buttoned regal jacket.

Rocky Past

Feldman, 37, and Jackson became friends when Feldman was a teenager but had drifted apart by the time the pop star died at age 50.

“Unfortunately Michael and I had a falling out on September 10th 2001 and that broken friendship had never been repaired,” Feldman said in a statement on the day of Jackson’s death. “All I choose to remember from this point is the good times we shared and what an inspiration he was to me and the rest of the world.”

Despite his rocky relationship with Jackson, Feldman remained friendly with the Jackson family, attending La Toya’s birthday party recently with Feldman’s wife Susie.

“What [Michael] taught me is that you always have to be nice to your fans and always treat them with love and respect,” Feldman told PEOPLE last month. “Even if you don’t remember the moment, they are always going to remember that moment. That’s something that I carry with me.”

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