Corey Feldman: How Fatherhood Changed My Life

The actor says that, thanks to wife Susie and son Zen, "I don't feel depressed anymore"

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

With his tumultuous past behind him, Corey Feldman is settling into his new role as loving husband, doting dad – and reality TV star.

Fatherhood is “a reason to smile every day, that’s what it is,” says Feldman, 35, whose new reality show with Corey Haim, The Two Coreys, premieres July 29 on A&E.

“Whereas I used to get depressed or neurotic or dwell on things, I see my son’s bright eyes and smile in the morning, and suddenly, I don’t feel like I’m depressed anymore. There’s nothing to be depressed about when you’ve got that.”

Feldman and his wife, Susie, married in October 2002 on the set of VH1’s The Surreal Life. They have one son, Zen Scott, 2.

Asked whether they want more kids, Feldman says: “My whole theory is, do it right the first time. Make sure it works, and if you get through that period, you did well and won points, then you can think about a new addition. I think we’re good.”

Feldman, who has married twice, adds that his romance with Susie is still going strong: “Six years together and we’re still in love!”

The Two Coreys reunites Feldman and Haim, both former ’80s teen idols who costarred in movies such as The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. It’s Haim’s first venture into reality TV and Feldman’s second (after The Surreal Life).

“It’s loosely based in reality,” Feldman says. “In the show, [Susie and I] don’t have a son, although in actuality we do. That’s one of those things that we opted to keep out of it because we don’t really want to expose him to that kind of madness. It would just be out of line.”

Feldman says Haim, 35, who battled substance abuse for years but has been sober since 2004, has lost weight and is feeling healthy. “He’s done a great job getting himself in shape,” Feldman says. “He lost 150 pounds, cleaned up his act and is doing better than ever. I’m very excited to see the opportunities that arise for him. He’s doing great.”

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