Cops Oust Oscar Fans

There’s good news and bad news for diehard Oscar fans. On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police officers cleared out campers who had set up a tent city outside the Shrine Auditorium, where the big show will take place on Sunday. These early arrivals, who had started arriving last weekend, were hoping to nab the 200 best seats in the bleachers so they could star-gaze. But Sgt. Tony O’Brien told the Associated Press that the cops decided to enforce a city law about keeping sidewalks open. Now the good news: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to hand out vouchers. These will give the campers priority seats in the bleachers.

  • As for the possible Oscar invitation (extended by honorary Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant) to Willie Fulgear, the fellow who found the missing Oscars in a dumpster last weekend: He needn’t put on his black tie just yet. The Academy is saying it won’t provide a seat inside the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday to Fulgear, because the police investigation into the stolen statuettes is still pending. L.A. radio station KFI-AM, however, has started a listener campaign to send Willie to the Oscars. Donations will go to provide Fulgear and his son Alan free tuxes, free makeovers and a free limo. The station says it is also requesting that a movie studio cough up Oscar tickets for Willie.
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