The collision of a paparazzo's car into the star's Mercedes was no accident, say police


Police on Tuesday provided more details into the car crash between Lindsay Lohan and a photographer who was apparently trailing her, saying that the Mean Girls star was making a U-turn en route to a police vehicle when the celebrity shutterbug intentionally crashed into her car.

Lohan, 18, who originally was said to have escaped from the incident uninjured, in fact suffered cuts and bruises, and informed authorities that she would seek treatment on her own, police Lt. Ted Matthews tells the Associated Press.

The paparazzo, Galo Ramirez, 24, had followed Lohan in a van from Beverly Hills, Matthews said. Lohan, driving a 2005 Mercedes-Benz, spotted a police vehicle going the other direction on 3rd Street and was trying to reach it to report she was being pursued.

Ramirez then intentionally rammed the left rear of Lohan’s car, Matthews said. “That obviously got the attention of the black-and-white unit,” he said.

Ramirez was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon but has since been released on bail, reportedly set at $35,000.

Lohan’s mother, Dina, said in a statement after the collision: “I thank God my daughter was able to walk out of the car.”

Matthews said the crash demonstrated the lengths to which paparazzi will go in order to capture celebrities on film, a situation that leads to a lot of close calls.

“This guy just carried it over the line and ran into her,” said Matthews.