September 11, 2003 12:00 PM

Police are hoping rapper 50 Cent will voluntarily answer some questions after gunfire broke out when his entourage arrived at a New Jersey hotel, the Associated Press reports.

Gunshots were heard shortly after the group showed up to a DoubleTree hotel in Jersey City, N.J., shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

There were no injuries and it hasn’t yet been confirmed that 50 Cent — a 27-year-old protege of Eminem — was actually among the group of people outside the hotel.

Ten shell casings were found at the scene: three from a 45-caliber automatic rifle and seven from a 40-caliber firearm. An eyewitness described seeing one gunman, but it’s still unknown whether 50 Cent’s group was attacked or if they attacked first.

New Jersey police and New York police are reviewing a hotel surveillance tape with the hopes of identifying the dozen or so people pictured. Police also are looking into why the hotel waited more than half an hour before calling the authorities after the shooting.

AP’s calls to 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) and his lawyer, Robert Kalina, went unanswered.

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