August 21, 2003 02:21 PM

Attention, straight guys: Be careful about giving Carson Kressley the shirt off your back.

A New York City Port Authority transit cop faced possible repercussions for letting the Fab Fiver put on his officer’s uniform during a makeover on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” New York’s Daily News reported Thursday.

But by Friday, the same paper clamed that the agency was praising the Bod Squad for its work.

Officials from the Port Authority (which runs New York and New Jersey’s waterways and tunnels, among other jurisdictions) initially had told the News that Officer John Verdi, 29, of Staten Island, never received the required permission to be identified as an employee of the PA.

Furthermore, they said, he shouldn’t have allowed a civilian to try on his uniform.

Actually, two tried on his top. “Queer Eye” stars Kressley (the fashion expert) and Thom Filicia (the interior design guru) both wore Verdi’s shirt inside the cop’s apartment, and Kressley even quipped to Verdi while he was wearing it: “Cuff me! Cuff me!”

Also on the show, Verdi, a stocky guy with a shaved head, was given a spray tan by the Fab Five, who also cut his toenails, got him new furniture and taught him how to cook a quiche for his vegetarian girlfriend.

The Port Authority initially was not amused. “We are looking into the matter,” PA spokesman Greg Trevor told the Daily News for its Thursday editions.

But in Friday’s paper: “The hosts did a great job restyling the officer and his home,” said PA spokesman Pasqaule DiFulco, adding, “Our police superintendent personally viewed the program with his family and enjoyed it.”

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