By peoplestaff225
February 06, 2002 12:10 PM

After a lengthy delay that has left some industry observers to question the final quality of the product, the remake of the 1975 death-defying skating derby flick of the same name, “Rollerball,” finally opens in theaters this Friday. However it is received, rapper LL Cool J, 33, who costars in the movie with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Chris Klein (“American Pie”), knows that he has made a significant contribution to the futuristic look of what will appear onscreen, especially as far as the costumes are concerned. “The ‘H.H.’ on the belt is for ‘head hunter,’ cause I’m taking heads,” Cool J (real name: James Todd Smith) told about his costume suggestions. “Then I have these incredible steel gloves just in case anybody gets too close … If their shave isn’t close enough I make sure they get a clean shave before the game is over, you know. It’s very super hero-ish, very action figure-ish.” Romijn-Stamos, 29, thinks the movie has “this S&M feel to it,” which is appropriate, given that the players in this violent tournament of professional rollerball are out for blood. “The nature of the game is pain,” said Cool J. “It’s a blood sport. Basically, (you) do everything within your power to stop the other team from scoring and then score at blinding speed.”