YouTube editing wizard AnimalRobot has a whole channel full of odd mashups

By Alex Heigl
June 04, 2015 02:40 PM

WARNING: This video explicit version of the song

Adding to the Internet’s growing store of iconic puppets from your youth singing rap songs, YouTuber AnimalRobot has compiled this impressive clip, in which Cookie Monster appears to rap Busta Rhymes’s 1998 (Grammy-nominated!) single “Gimme Some More.”

“It’s fundamentally a tale of greed and excess,” AnimalRobot told Uproxx. (They were also behind Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs rapping Biggie.)

This is one of the more impressive editing jobs we’ve seen – given Busta’s motormouthed flow, it’s wild anyone was able to so accurately sync up a puppet with all those words.

Has there been a Snoop Dogg one of these starring Rowlf the Dog? We know he already did “Just a Friend,” but it might be nice to have him do something more in keeping with his name.