Connor Franta talks about the first time he met a fan, and dressing up as Harry Potter at VidCon

By Will Robinson
Updated July 24, 2015 08:00 PM

Connor Franta was freaked out watching Lord of the Rings – but not because of Gollum’s sheer creepiness. The YouTube star had a freaky fan run-in while catching the flick.

“The first time I got recognized in public was at a movie theater. It was at the Lord of the Rings movie premiere,” Franta told Trisha Hershberger at the Entertainment Weekly and PEOPLE Interview Stage at VidCon 2015.

“I was at the movie theater, and someone came up, and it was so weird to me, because I had never been recognized by a viewer, so I thought that was scary.”

It was at a midnight screening, but Franta wasn’t decked in Middle Earth garb. He reserved that geeking out for another blockbuster franchise.

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“I did that for Harry Potter: I used to dress up,” he revealed. “It was fun. It was the bomb. I loved it.”

Yes: The same 22-year-old who recently announced he’s written a book, launched his own record label, and released a music compilation earlier Friday, used to throw on black Hogwarts robes.